LinkedIn Headshot

Have you taken a look at your LinkedIn headshot recently? I have seen so many versions of this and can tell you that on a professional social media website that it is not acceptable to have a photo that is not the best representation of who you are as a success. A first impression is made in the blink of an eye with a judgment being made on your level of trust and competence. As your photo is the first item that anyone will see on LinkedIn, make sure that it is the best representation of you, do not leave this to chance. There are photos on LinkedIn of people in hats, making peace signs and while I love dogs, the photo of your dog is not appropriate. Shrugged shoulders, sunglasses on the head and blurred photos are not right either. Here is what you need: 1. Tight shot of your head and face. This is called a head shot for a reason, it is not a shot of anything on your body and should not have any negative space above your head, nor should it extend down to the chest area. For women, if that happens, it can even be more unflattering. 2. Get a professional headshot with a professional photographer. This photographer will know how to crop the photo for you and make that one of the questions that you ask when interviewing various photographers. Also ask about re-touching. 3. Wear the right attire. For professional men, this does mean a jacket and tie. For women, wear a jacket with a coordinating underpinning. Avoid prints and colors that can shift shades when posted. 4. Accessories. How much is enough and how much is too much? For men, a necktie is all you need, the photo should be cropped such that a pocket square will not show. For women, small earrings and nothing that dangles. If you wear a necklace, let it frame your face. 5. Your face needs to have a relaxed, natural smile. For women, lipstick is not negotiable, even if you do not wear it often (although you should). 6. Facial hair must be trimmed and neat if you have it. 7. Hair should be pulled off the face, if it is significantly on the face, it creates a look of distrust and others will wonder what you are hiding under the hair. 8. Natural makeup for women is best. Go to Pinterest and look up photos.

When you are posting your profile photo, remember that this is the first representation of who you are, decisions will be made about you based on this simple photo. For more a list of Do’s and Don’ts, go to and download our complementary Resource Guide. A complementary consultation with Patty Soltis from STYLEdge Fashion can ensure that your profile photo is the perfect representation of you. Her email address is and she can be contacted via the website.

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