CX Priorities for 2022

Predictions abound for the next year. Often, we go into the year feeling optimistic about what it holds, even if it is cautiously optimistic which is a better term to describe how many of us feel after 2020 and 2021. For the business world, there were some overwhelming themes to prepare for the next year and customer experience will play a major role in the success of this. CX leaders will need to look at the strategic goals of their organization, tie those to what will move the needle to increase revenue, produce expense reduction and create profit growth.

Overall, business leaders are optimistic about the year to come. They feel bullish leading into 2022 with most believing that their organizations will find growth. According to a Fortune/Deloitte survey with 110+ CEOs in a multitude of industries, two-thirds of CEOs expect their organization’s growth to be very strong’ or ‘strong’ over the next 12 months. Just less than a third expect “modest” growth, and a fractional 3% expect ‘weak’ growth.

Further, the CEO’s went on to define their top themes as leading talent (42%), setting strategy (38%), championing culture (31%), and vision (29%). Their top three concerns were labor/skills shortage, pandemic disruptions, and cybersecurity listed in order of priority. There are numerous CEO’s that are concerned about supply chain issues and inflation as well.

Tying all of this together, it becomes clear that CEO’s are expecting revenue growth, a need to hire and retain talent, digital strategies to communicate and provide seamless experiences that are safe. This is where laying out the CX strategy will more than ever need to be tied to the organization, CX cannot operate as a silo. Forrester has been telling us for years with their research and analysis that CX leaders need the connection to increase in revenue, cost reduction and profit growth to prove their ROI.

Here are the compiled priorities for 2022 for CX leaders looking to tie to the strategic goals of the organization and add value:

  1. Customers are expecting to be treated as people, not business commodities according to Qualtrics. They have identified $4.7T in lost revenue due to poor customer experiences, that’s on average 9.5% of your revenue. Eight in ten people expect better and CX needs to improve. Consumers are moving on more quickly with 63% of consumers saying companies need to listen and act, 62% of consumers believe that businesses need to take better care of them and 60% would buy more if they did. CX strategies will need to be designed with the client and end consumer in mind. Take the time to ideate, get the feedback from your teams, really hear the VOC, and build th