Crisis Customer Service Strategy

Building a strategy can make one’s head spin, or it can seem so overwhelming that the starting point is hard to find. For many, we wonder how many strategies are needed? That is a loaded question and one that can be debated. It seems as though time spent building a strategy can be a waste, especially during a crisis when everything feels urgent.

So, one of the most urgent components during a crisis or significant change is working with the customer. For the customers that remain, serving them is the utmost importance as revenue streams are disrupted. The needs of the customer base have changed and being able to quickly flex to those changes will keep the revenue flowing.

Guess what - a customer strategy is needed and FAST! How do you do that whether you are shifting yours, recreating or creating a whole new strategy?

1. Find out what your top tier customer needs, then your mid tier, then your small tier. This is almost pulling out the concept of a focus group, but less work and analytics. Get your team involved with this to acquire feedback and give them the opportunity to hear it first-hand.

2. Pull together members of all teams in your organization and share an overview of the feedback. It is not just your sales or marketing teams that need to hear this, it is all members.

3. Collaboratively make adjustments in what you need to do with your organization, align this with your mission, vision and values. Each department can share their team’s contribution to this strategy.

4. Set measurements to know if you have succeeded and what is next to continue to elevate service.

5. At a minimum, review the strategy with your teams monthly with results based on the measurements and revenue. In the beginning, you may want to do this bi-weekly. Course correct where needed and celebrate often!

This can get more complex as you move forward out of the crisis or change. These steps are here to get you and your team started and re-focused. Protect your revenue, be on your customer’s side and move to success.

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