Connect Your Image to Your Paycheck

You want to achieve pinnacles of success. Here’s something to think about. Have you defined your image and your brand? Your image is what you project and how it is being perceived by others. While your mind is brilliant, your image needs to match that. Too often people, both men and women think that being great at what they do will get them to the final stages of success. Your look is judged. Read that again and just in case, here it is, your look is judged. You need to understand this and whenever you walk into a room, your presence will either make others feel enthused or lukewarm. Your image will decide that. Project your skills in your image. This is not about feminism, romanticism, sexism or any other ism. This is about POWER, SUCCESS and RESULTS. Have a wardrobe that constantly reads this. This is about quality, not quantity. Your wardrobe needs to be filled with the right items to mix and match through all of the needs of your lifestyle. There are some essentials that are investment pieces and then there are the add on pieces. The key to all of this is understanding what your image is telling others and the brand that you are building. The impact is that your confidence will radiate through and you will ignite passion in others. Think about what the result can be if you do this and what the result will be if you do not.

STYLEdge® clients will tell you with energy, enthusiasm and excitement how this has improved their performance and results.

For more, read First Impressions Last, this book guides the professional woman with modern attire for boardrooms to offices to business dinners to business casual to weekend wear. With these easy steps, the professional woman has an updated, functional wardrobe, focused shopping list and most of all, a first impression that lasts of competence, power and success. Make sure to sign up for the monthly STYLEdge® newsletter here Patty Soltis is the Founder & CEO of STYLEdge® Fashion LLC, an image consulting company that works with alpha professionals to establish credibility in the eyes of their clients without saying a word. For the past three years, she has worked with business leaders and their organizations to understand image and how it reflects on their brand. Patty travels locally, nationally and internationally to speak about professional attire in a factual, but always entertaining manner. She is seen as an expert on television, online and print media across the globes on this subject. Patty’s background in retail management for over 20 years, mostly as a Vice President/General Manager, for companies such as Neiman Marcus, Lord & Taylor and Marshall Fields developed her experience in business, retail and fashion. The training and education that she received has led to her success as an image consultant; this combines her business acumen with her lengthy knowledge of fashion, style and attire needed for success.

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